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Axis Medical Staffing Web Site


AXIS’ business depends on recruiting qualified employment candidates and connecting them with available jobs. This site enables them to meet a range of needs: promotion of their brand, content management tools to manage job opportunities and an extensible format that can be easily and quickly adapted for other business segments.


Central to the purpose of this site is connecting qualified candidates with relevant job opportunities. AXIS has many competitors, and our approach was to make this process as simple as possible for users to encourage them to work with AXIS. The site’s custom search tool allows for quick searches by location, experience, and contract type. The search tool is designed for efficiency, and returns only truly relevant results. This saves time and effort for searchers by not returning so many results that comparisons are difficult, or worse, no results at all.


The content management tools and database we created for AXIS enable their team to have complete control over detailed job descriptions. We’re always looking for ways to enhance the value of our customer’s database-driven tools. In this example, the information has a limited “shelf life” so we designed the job category description pages to display relevant featured jobs automatically, presenting users with another way to find the opportunities they are qualified for.


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